Who is Coppahead? Where is Coppahead? Many people are asking about the whereabouts of the GMF music star Coppahead.  Get Money First or GMF, as known by the streets, is a group of several artists from New York and North Carolina who have come together under a few collective goals such as “getting money”, helping family, and making great music. Songwriting, performing, and producing are a few of the talents you can expect from the up and coming music group.  The first artist to be released is Coppahead.  Growing up in rural North Carolina, all Coppahead knew was struggle, along with the love of his family. Constantly waking up and listening to the tunes of 2pac, blasting out his mother’s boyfriend’s radio, introduced him to his love for music. Recalling songs like “Brenda’s Got A Baby” and “Wonder Why They Call U Bytch”, along with being inspired by a childhood friend, Coppahead began to grow his passion for making music.  So what is Coppahead rapping about? Real life experiences…experiences that stem from his own lifestyle to those of his friends. Being a music artist and former college student in the state of North Carolina, Coppahead is not begging for a record deal.  He defines success as being happy through following and completing goals.  Within the next five years as an artist, those goals include being very successful and putting out hit records under his GMF label.

Just like many Black males in America, Coppahead is a product of his environment. An environment that taught him to survive and even try a different route: the school route.  After overcoming challenges and obstacles, Coppahead has been in the studio working hard to provide his true fans with life-inspiring and thought-provoking music.  The fact that his music is not fabricated and consists of true stories, makes him unique from other artist in the industry, many of which rap about things they haven’t done.  Coppahead’s music tells a story, most of what he has been through and without it, it would be a full time grind, providing by any means.  Possessing a large fan base in the state of North Carolina, Coppahead and GMF are known as trendsetters. Having one of the strongest movements in the streets, Get Money First plans to work on several big music projects including energy-driven live performances. Stay tuned to for the latest info on Coppahead. Why? Because he is a star in the making. You know him. Get Money First. GMF.

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