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GMF, which stands for Get Money First, was started in 2006 amongst childhood friends from Garysburg, North Carolina…and later rapidly spread throughout NC.  By 2009, GMF would become one of the strongest and most respected movements in NC.

The GMF movement was inspired from hardships and struggles amongst the friends, who spent years overcoming obstacles in the streets of North Carolina. The purpose of this movement was to show young black males how to aim for the sky and think big.  Throughout the years, many GMF members would lose their life to the streets and some even became imprisoned…..but somehow this movement has placed a deep impact on many young men in NC…..6 yrs and going GMF is still standing firm with intentions to take the music industry by storm…with founder (Rock Turner) along with his childhood friend/cousin (Coppa Head)…standing behind GMF….they feel that the sky is the limit….

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